Los Altos: Cosmetics & Skin Tone Study: Recap

For the week of May 16-22, Kokko’s makeup artists traded the steel and concrete canyons of New York for the natural beauty of Silicon Valley for a second Skin Tone Study. We knew we would be collecting skin tones from a place with year-round sun, but we were awestruck by the warm reception we got from the many friends, former colleagues, and neighbors of Kokko Founder & CEO, Nina Bhatti.

The stories women told us about their makeup challenges mirrored their busy, high achieving lives: there are so many products out there - how does a woman even begin to choose which ones are the right ones to use? And how does she fit her cosmetic preferences into a busy life around work, family, and fun?

For the women who volunteered their time and faces to our study, we gave foundation recommendations from the 14 lines we were testing, based on skin tone matches and their lifestyle preferences. But the problem of too many choices – without objective standards between brands or impartial guidance – remains a frustrating obstacle to a process that is supposed to be fun.

To the women who joined us in Los Altos, we thank you for your time and encouragement. Your participation means so much – not only were you helping us build our product - your kind words and personal stories gave us more encouragement that we are on the right path with our Color Match Technology and our cosmetic services.