Introducing Kokko Beauty.

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By using the Kokko Beauty app with our specially printed ColorChart, Kokko's proprietary software can precisely measure skin tone and offer personalized makeup recommendations—proven to be as accurate as professional makeup artists' recommendations.


Our Founder's Beauty Story.

Makeup shopping has always been difficult for me because my skin tone was so hard to match. Even makeup professionals could not get my colors right. I would roam from counter to counter with no luck finding the right shades. I even tried shopping in different countries!

I started to talk to some of my girlfriends and found that it wasn’t just an issue of MY unusual skin tone. My Caucasian girlfriends as well as my Asian girlfriends admitted that they all struggled for the same reasons! I wasn’t crazy—many women had this issue and didn’t know where to turn.

Frustrated by the situation, I knew that this was a problem I could solve. I truly believed that all women have a LEGITIMATE RIGHT TO THEIR BEAUTY.

Having conducted research in my professional career on mobile systems for consumer apps, I knew how much imaging technology had advanced. I believed this was the key that could CHANGE THE BEAUTY EXPERIENCE, and I knew I could build a team that would get it right. I quickly began working with color scientists on a solution—Kokko Beauty.

With Kokko Beauty, I want to mimic the perfect counter experience—having the perfect consultant who could really “SEE” my color and then “KNOW” what the right product should be. In Kokko’s world, the “SEE” is the camera system. The “KNOW” is the analytical engine that understands skin tones and foundation product matching. My goal is always to make the system as good as a professional makeup artist who has in-depth knowledge of many, many lines of makeup.

Success for Kokko is: NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, YOU CAN GET THE PRODUCTS THAT MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL. Blast through the hype, the ads, and the 40,000 SKUs and find what will work on you.
— Nina Bhatti, CEO & Founder of Kokko, Inc.


Professional Endorsements.

Kokko enables brands and retailers to rethink (and update) the beauty counter experience...

[They] provide something new that we haven’t seen in web or mobile applications—true color matching technology that tackles the eternal problem of shopping cosmetics online—finding the right colors for your personal skin tone.

This is game changing.
— Rayna Fagen, eCommerce & Digital Marketing - Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Clinique, & MAC
This is the SMARTEST beauty shopping app ever!
— Ysolt Usigan, Lifestyles Blogger, Former Beauty Editor,
Color accuracy is the next big breakthrough for selling color cosmetics online. Before Kokko’s technology, buying complexion products online was a big challenge. Now, by bringing science and technology together in an easy-to-use app, Kokko has made it much simpler and enjoyable for the consumer.
— Jennifer Goldfarb, President, ipsy
Clever, convenient and incredibly accurate. The best way to find your best match without a makeup artist.
— Legend Rivera, Professional Makeup Artist, Wilhelmina Models